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Matt Gaetz Just Entered Hunter Biden’s Laptop Into the Congressional Record!

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This is big.

I know sometimes the Media overhypes things, and we try not to do that here.

In fact, I have a rule that you can almost never use the word “Bombshell” when writing a story for WeLoveTrump.

But this is very big because of the implications…Hunter Biden’s laptop is not only real, it’s not only found, but now it has been entered into the official Congressional Record.

Now it’s evidence.

Now it’s official.

There is no going back now.

As one post on Telegram put it:

From the post:

For those unaware of the implications of the laptop being presented to Congress today …

This now means the contents of that laptop are on *Congressional Record*. Legally. It isn’t conjecture. It isn’t rumor. It isn’t a “conspiracy theory”.

The laptop is a reality, and it is now on Congressional Record.


“How do you legally inject/make public/use as evidence?”.

There’s no stopping this train now.

Even as the FBI’s Cyber Chief tried to claim he couldn’t find the laptop (story below), Matt Gaetz had it all along and then he pulled it out right on the floor of Congress after the CYBER CHIEF said he couldn’t locate it.

It was literally a Perry Mason moment.

(WATCH): FBI Cyber Chief Says He Can’t Find Hunter Biden’s Laptop

Here is the actual video clip.

I do believe this will go down in history as perhaps the turning point in our country.

From Matt Gaetz’s official Rumble channel, watch it here:

And from TheStormHasArrived, here is a perfect summary of where this puts us:

Imagine this.

An American politician says he has evidence that the President and his son might be compromised by foreign adversaries. Said politician attempts to submit the evidence for further investigation into Congress.

Unbelievably, the Democrat Party rejects the evidence. For what reason? They can’t give a reason.

That actually happened for all of America to see. Good news, it’s all on record.

Matt Gaetz is a hero.

The Firebrand has earned that monicker and he deserves it.

Thank you Matt!

Now if the FBI won’t investigate and prosecute, we find someone who will!

This is quite literally the highest levels of our government possibly being compromised and our government claims it doesn’t exist.

I could barely watch that fat ass Nadler try to figure out a way to not allow the laptop on the record.

Seriously, you have to watch the clip above.

Watch as Matt Gaetz makes a motion to admit the laptop into the official record and someone is whispering in Nadler’s ear trying to tell him what to say.

He’s unable to think for himself and they’re literally scrambling on the floor of Congress to figure out some way to deny the evidence that may very well bring down the entire Biden crime family.

Oh, and side note: someone didn’t like the language in one of my articles recently, and I can understand that, but if you cannot agree that fat ass Nadler is a fat ass, then this may not be the website for you.  That’s ok.

I mean, this fat ass doesn’t even know how to WEAR PANTS, and he thinks he can govern us?

Give me a break:

I refuse to be governed by someone who cannot even properly wear a pair of pants.

End of discussion.

We Love Trump

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