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Louisiana Lawmakers Fail to Reverse Democrat Governor John Bel Edwards’ Rule Adding COVID-19 Jab to School Shots List

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“Come August, most high schoolers in Louisiana will have to show proof of a COVID-19 vaccination or submit a written exemption to attend school, after an effort among lawmakers to reverse the rule by Gov. John Bel Edwards fell apart Wednesday,” KTBS 3 reports.

Edwards’ decision last year to add the COVID-19 jab to the school shots list caused controversy among lawmakers, but they were unable to make the Democratic governor stand down.

Lawmakers then attempted to pass a legislative resolution.

From KTBS 3:

Authored by House Health & Welfare Committee Chair Larry Bagley, House Concurrent Resolution 3 would’ve repealed Edwards’ rule in its entirety. It passed the House and needed only to win approval in the Senate to go into effect.

But following a tense hearing Wednesday, the Senate Health & Welfare Committee voted 4-3 to reject the resolution, keeping Edwards’ rule alive.

Dr. Robert Malone testified before the LA Senate Health and Welfare Committee on Wednesday.

Watch via Rumble:

LA HCR3 would repeal “administrative rules of the La. Department of Health adding COVID vaccines to the state immunization schedule and requiring schools to prohibit in-person attendance by certain unvaccinated students.”

Health Freedom Louisiana provided further details:

On May 11th, the Senate Health and Welfare committee failed to acknowledge the will of the people, science, and medical ethics by voting against HCR3, legislation that would prevent the addition of the covid vaccine and any accompanying boosters to the required list of vaccines for school attendance.

This measure, while dead in committee, may be revived if brought to the Senate floor with a discharge petition.

Contact your State Senator: let them know that the shot should not be added to the required list for school attendance and that you fully support a discharge petition to bring it to the Senate floor.

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