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Local Wisconsin FOX Station Has Guts to Run Segment on “2000 Mules” — After National FOX News Channel Bans EVEN A MENTION of the Film (VIDEO)

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FOX News is a shell of its former self.

As The Gateway Pundit reported earlier —  FOX News joined the mainstream liberal media cabal and boycotted coverage of the “2000 Mules” documentary.  The movie reveals evidence of the nationwide ballot trafficking conspiracy by Democrats to steal the 2020 presidential election.

FOX News WILL NOT ALLOW any mention of “2000 Mules” on their national channel.

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To his credit, Tucker Carlson did invite True the Vote’s Catherine Engelbrecht on his top-rated program the day after the premiere of the movie at Mar-a-Lago.

But then last Saturday night election integrity investigator Gregg Phillips, who was a top investigator in the film, told the audience at the “2000 Mules” virtual premiere that FOX’s lawyers are keeping the film off of the channel.  And Dinesh D’Souza later added that FOX News would not allow Catherine Engelbrecht to mention the name of her film in her interview with Tucker Carlson.

This was such a sad development for FOX News.

But apparently, not all of the FOX affiliated channels got the message to ignore the historic documentary.

FOX 11 in Green Bay, Wisconsin ran a segment on “2000 Mules” earlier this week after the movie started playing in the Green Bay area.

A film alleging widespread fraud in the 2020 Presidential election is being shown in theatres across the country this week, including in De Pere Tuesday evening.

Media fact checkers are poking holes in the theories presented in the film, 2000 Mules. However, supporters say there is enough evidence that law enforcement investigations should be launched.

About 150 people filed into the De Pere Cinema for the area’s first public showing of 2000 Mules.

“I’m concerned about the last election in particular,” said Ken Glowacki of Green Bay. “When I heard Dinesh D’Souza was doing a documentary on it, I wanted to see. I want to know how the Democrats did it.”

Here is the video segment via Midnight Rider.

The Gateway Pundit

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