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Liz Cheney Proves in 1 Tweet After Buffalo Shooting That WY GOP Was Right to Disown Her

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Wyoming Republican Rep. Liz Cheney has spent most of her most recent term in Congress giving Republicans a reason not to want her in the party.

Her home state’s GOP has even taken the extraordinary step of going on record to say Cheney is no longer recognized as a Republican, effectively disowning former Vice President Dick Cheney’s daughter from the family political party.

In one Twitter post on Monday, she proved just how right that was.

Sounding more like a Democratic mouthpiece posing as an “analyst” on MSNBC than a duly elected Republican representative, Cheney took to social media to denounce imagined sins of “white nationalism, white supremacy, and anti-semitism” she apparently thinks are rife in the GOP.

“The House GOP leadership has enabled white nationalism, white supremacy, and anti-semitism. History has taught us that what begins with words ends in far worse,” Cheney wrote. “@GOP leaders must renounce and reject these views and those who hold them.”


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Her tweet didn’t mention Saturday’s mass shooting in Buffalo, New York, allegedly committed by a white man consumed with hatred of African-Americans.

But she didn’t have to. The whole country is well aware of the attack, and it should be just as aware of the duplicitous efforts of the mainstream media to tie the killings to Republicans, to conservative media outlets and to the conservative cause.

And along comes Liz Cheney, an ostensible Republican, to take the mainstream media’s side.

That’s not true, and there’s a good chance Cheney knows it. But she’s long-since established her bona fides with progressives.

An outspoken critic of former President Donald Trump, she voted for his impeachment on the Democrats’ spurious charge of “incitement to insurrection” related to the Jan. 6, 2021, Capitol incursion.

She accepted an appointment from her party’s arch-opponent in the House to the select committee supposedly investigating that event but which has turned into a Star Chamber aimed at weaponizing the events of that day.

And now, she’s using the context of a murderous lunatic spouting lunatic ideas to brand her congressional colleagues as cut from the same cloth.

And here’s the thing: Cheney is not only wrong politically, but what she claimed is nonsense.


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Republicans are not the party that obsesses over racial identity — that’s the Democrats.

“White supremacism,” in any real sense in the contemporary United States, is essentially a figment of the fevered imaginations of Democrats and their mainstream media fifth columnist.

And if “anti-Semitism” is the issue at hand, the Democratic Party is pretty much the modern home of that in American politics today. (See Omar, Ilhan, Rep.; Tlaib, Rashida, Rep.; et al.)

It should come as no surprise to anyone familiar with Twitter that the vast, vast majority of Cheney’s responses were from apparent leftists applauding her courage.

But all Cheney really did was prove, once and for all, why she has no place in the Republican Party.

She’s a ferocious critic of Trump in a state that went for Trump by 70 percent in 2020. She’s a turncoat to her own party, as her participation in House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s sham committee illustrates.

And with one tweet on Monday, tying her party by implication to a mass killing that horrified the country, she implicitly smeared the tens of millions of American citizens who are proud to call themselves Republicans (or are simply appalled by the alternative).

Do you think Liz Cheney is going to lose in her August Republican primary?

Cheney is facing an array of challengers in the August GOP primary, including attorney Harriet Hageman, who beat Cheney by a margin of 10-1 in a January straw poll of the Wyoming Republican State Central Committee.

So, it’s a better than average bet that she will be parting ways with her seat representing the Sagebrush State when the 117th Congress ends.

If she gets honest, she’ll part ways with her political party too. She knows who the opposition is. It sounds like she’d fit right in.


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