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Lincoln Project Founder Melts Down, Defends Groomer in Embarrassing Twitter Tantrum

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Lincoln Project co-founder Steve Schmidt spent the weekend furiously rage-tweeting, lashing out at his political critics and claiming he’s the victim of a coordinated attempt to ruin his supposedly solid reputation.

But it wasn’t a Trump Republican that set up the establishment political consultant for a full weekend of Twitter trash-talk.

Most of Schmidt’s ire was reserved for Meghan McCain, the daughter of the deceased senator, whose presidential campaign he worked for in 2008.


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Schmidt bitterly complained that he hadn’t been invited to John McCain’s funeral, claiming the deceased senator’s daughter was responsible for “humiliating cruelty.”

Schmidt voiced his fury that McCain has criticized the group’s pedophile connections, claiming that Meghan has called him personally a pedophile.

Schmidt decided to drop old dirt from 2008 in an attempt to get payback on Meghan McCain.

In a rambling hit piece, Schmidt accused the late John McCain of various indiscretions, such as covering up an adulterous affair with a lobbyist during his 2008 campaign, and cavorting with political operatives of pro-Putin former Ukrainian President Viktor Yanukovych.


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In a new low for the neocon hit piece group, Schmidt openly defended John Weaver, the organization’s founder.

Weaver was forced to resign after admitting to sexually harassing more than 20 boys and young men, in some cases promising political job opportunities in return for homosexual sex acts.

Schmidt claimed that Weaver’s life had been “destroyed because he had the nerve to stand up against Donald Trump.”

Schmidt falsely claimed that Weaver’s indiscretions were limited to adult men. In reality, victims of Weaver, who were as young as 14 years old, have come forward to reveal the operative sought to groom them.

It didn’t escape Schmidt’s critics that the internet tough guy had tweeted nearly every single hour between Saturday and Sunday, showing off a level of obsession one might expect from an individual afflicted with severe Trump Derangement Syndrome.

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