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Just In: Secret Service Kills Intruder

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The Secret Service has just shot and killed an intruder in Washington DC.

Two secret service agents shot and killed a man as he was attempting to break into the Peruvian ambassador’s house.

Agents believe the attack was a random robbery and was not an attempt to attack the Peruvian ambassador.

Recently the Secret Service has been under fire after two men pretending to be DHS agents were able to infiltrate the agency.

The Daily Wire added these details:

An intruder was fatally shot Wednesday at the home of the Peruvian ambassador, according to police.

As The Washington Post reported, the episode took place before 8 a.m. in Northwest Washington, D.C.

After the incident, the D.C. Police Chief Robert J. Contee III said the members of the Secret Service uniformed division responded to a call about a burglary in progress. When they got to the scene, he said, they discovered a man in the back of the residence, learning that the person had “smashed out several windows to the back side of [the] residence.”

The man was holding a metal stake, and the officers used tasers first, but the “weapons did not take effect,” Contee added. Contee noted that the officers then shot the alleged intruder and he is deceased. He was pronounced dead at the scene. An investigation is ongoing.

NBC 4 News shared these details:

U.S. Secret Service officers fatally shot a man who smashed windows Wednesday at the Washington, D.C., home of the Peruvian ambassador, District police said.

The name of the man who was killed was not immediately released.

Two Secret Service officers were taken to a hospital for evaluation, Metropolitan Police Department Chief Robert Contee said at a news conference. Neither the ambassador, Oswaldo de Rivero, nor his family were hurt, Contee and the embassy said.

MPD is investigating in coordination with the Secret Service. A spokesman for the agency said the shooting occurred after a confrontation but did not immediately release details.

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