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Julie Green Told Us Roe v. Wade Was Coming Down!

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One of my favorite things to do is share with you a prophecy fulfilled…

And that’s exactly what I have for you right now from Julie Green.

I know how much so many of you love listening to Julie (yours truly included) and it’s even better to flashback to something she told us months ago in a prophecy to now see it coming true in the top headlines of today’s news.

Especially when most people NEVER expected this to happen.

I have to say my jaw hit the floor last night when I saw the news first break…

Here was our report last night:

BREAKING: Politico Reports Supreme Court Has Voted To OVERTURN Roe v. Wade!

And today, Chief Justice Roberts has NOT denied the story and in fact has instead confirmed it.

See that here:

Chief Justice Roberts Confirms Roe Vs. Wade Leak Is Real

And now back to Julie Green.

Want the news BEFORE the news?

Then you need to start listening to prophecy because Julie told us all months ago…

Watch here:

We Love Trump

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