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Jon Stewart’s New ‘Woke’ Show Reportedly Flopping In The Ratings

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Former Daily Show host Jon Stewart has a new show on AppleTV+ and it is reportedly struggling for ratings.

One has to wonder if Stewart only came back to the airwaves because it’s an election year and Democrats are headed for a massive defeat.

Stewart is also more woke than ever before, which explains why many people aren’t watching.

The New York Post reports:

Jon Stewart’s new show on AppleTV+ is reportedly a flop

Jon Stewart is struggling to gain traction on his new talk show, according to a report.

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“The Problem with Jon Stewart,” which launched on AppleTV+ in September, appears to be a flop, as it trails far behind its competitors on broadcast and cable TV, according to Bloomberg.

The show’s first episode was seen by just 180,000 US homes in the first week it debuted last fall, measurement firm Samba TV said. That number dropped to 78% to 40,000 by its fifth episode, which aired in early March.

Stewart’s comic rival John Oliver, meanwhile, pulled in viewership of 844,000 US homes for a March episode of his HBO show, “Last Week Tonight with John Oliver,” Samba TV reported.

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Stewart declined to comment, but on the air, he has made his thoughts about the numbers clear.

“Thank you for watching but my guess is you didn’t,” he said at the end of the premiere episode of his show. “You’re probably just going to look at aggregated clips of it somewhere, on YouTube, where you pirate ‘Ted Lasso.’ You don’t even know how to get Apple TV, do you?”

Stewart doesn’t have the influence he used to wield.

It looks like no one told Stewart that people are tired of being lectured to by the far left.

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