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Joe Biden’s Poll Numbers Are Really, Really, Really Bad Says… CNN (VIDEO)

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Joe Biden’s poll numbers are so bad that even CNN is being forced to admit it.

During a recent segment, they looked at Biden’s poll numbers in a hisotrical context and had to concede the fact that Biden’s numbers are worse than Trump’s were at this point in his presidency.

And remember, Biden has the nearly complete backing of the media, where Trump was under constant attack.

Red State has details:

When CNN Says It’s ‘Really, Really, Really Bad’ for Joe, You Know It’s Catastrophic

Every once in a while, CNN lets loose with a little truth.

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We’re seeing more and more of it when it comes to how bad Joe Biden’s approval is and how much in the basement his polls are because it’s just too hard to explain them away.

CNN’s polling data chief, Harry Enten, broke down four of the most recent polls that came out this week for anchor John Berman including the Quinnipiac poll that had Biden at his worst number ever — 33 percent approval. Enten also looked at the Hart Public Opinion Strategies poll, Ipsos Reuters, and CBS News/YouGov.

But as Enten noted, three of the four polls were the worst numbers ever for Biden, showing that even though the polls had some variability, they were all in the basement when it came to Biden at this point.

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Berman then asked how Joe Biden compared to President Donald Trump at the same point in his term. The news wasn’t good for Biden. According to Enten, Trump had an average job approval rating of 42 percent at this point in his presidency — that’s despite being under constant media attack so that skews the number.

But meanwhile, Joe Biden who has had largely positive coverage from the liberal media — and certainly nothing compared to the attacks made against Trump — is still at a lower number — with 41 percent.

See the video below:

It seems reality has set in over at CNN.

This is very bad news for Biden and his party.

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