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Joe Biden Says Sen. Rick Scott of Florida Represents ‘Wisconsin’

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President Joe Biden on Tuesday mistakenly said Sen. Rick Scott (R-FL) was from Wisconsin in a speech about inflation.

“They’ve made their intentions perfectly clear,” he said, reading from his teleprompter at the White House. “Senator Rick Scott of Wisconsin, a member of the Senate Republican leadership, laid it out in a plan as the ultra MAGA agenda.”

Scott is the senator representing Florida in the United States Senate, not Wisconsin.

The president did not correct himself during his speech.

Biden responded to Scott saying that the president should “resign” because of his failure to address inflation.

“Resign? That’s a good idea,” Biden replied sarcastically, saying that Scott “has a problem.”

The president continued his crafted talking points warning about the “ultra MAGA” Republicans taking over the party.

“I never expected the ultra MAGA Republicans who seem to control the Republican party now to have been able to control the Republican party,” he said. “I never anticipated that happening.”


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