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Joe Biden Runs Away from Reporters Asking About Inflation Outpacing Wages (VIDEO)

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Joe Biden on Friday delivered remarks on the March jobs report.

The March jobs report was another disappointment with fewer jobs than expected.

431,000 nonfarm payroll jobs were added in March, CNBC reported.

CNBC’s Rick Santelli sounded the alarm on the spread between wages and the consumer price index.

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“The CPI rate was close to 8%. Wages as strong as they are post-COVID high on the year over year was 5.6%. There’s a bit of a spread there,” CNBC’s Rick Santelli said. “You have to use more dollars in your wallet because of inflation and savings rates starting to go down.”


Joe Biden was asked about inflation outpacing wages and he turned around and ran away like a coward.

“Sir, what about inflation? What about inflation outpacing wages, Mr. President?” a reporter shouted.

Biden shuffled away and prepared to leave to go home to Delaware for the 37th time of his presidency.


The Gateway Pundit

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