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Joe Biden Not Trusted To Read “Brown Bear, Brown Bear”

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This is Elder Abuse, pure and simple if you ask me…

A stunning clip is making the rounds featuring Joe and Jill Biden on Easter Sunday.

Errr, sorry, “Dr. Jill” Biden.

But the good doctor is committing malpractice, at least in the eyes of one friend who texted me today to say this:

I think that’s a pretty good take!

Watch the video and judge for yourself…

Joe told when to wave, when to just “sit there” and my favorite of all: not trusted to read “Brown Bear, Brown Bear”.

I get it, it’s a tough book.

I mean, some of the animals are not even the right color…

Blue horse?

Purple cat?

I can only imagine how confusing that must be to someone in a mental decline like Joe.

Well, just watch for yourself:

And if (when) that gets taken down from YouTube, I have a backup.

Watch here on Rumble:

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