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Joe Biden Insults Latinos During WH Cinco De Mayo Celebration

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To be honest, many conservatives get bent too out of shape with Joe’s diminished mental capacity. Understandable considering he has nuclear codes among other things at his disposal.

It is embarrassing for America, especially on the world stage, but there are some moments you have to just admit are hilarious. Take the Cinco De Mayo party at the White House for instance. WDC TV & Gateway Pundit captured some of the action:

Joe & Jill Biden on Thursday hosted a Cinco de Mayo reception with Beatriz Gutierrez Mueller de Lopez Obrador, the spouse of Mexican President Andres Manual Lopez Obrador.”

Check out some of these mental breakdowns during the event from Joe.

25 out of each 100 kids in grades kindergarten by way of senior in high school communicate Spanish…and we’ll conquer and honor and raise up all these people who in reality, are, have gotten in the best way”

I’m pretty sure Joe just committed us to the second Mexican-American war. For any other president, a stumble like this would have been catastrophic. But not for uncle Joe.

It seems that Biden’s speechwriters have decided their jobs are irrelevant. After all, no matter what they put on the teleprompter, it comes out unrecognizable. As a result, it was clear at the end of his speech that his writers were simply throwing together random, baked statements with little care for nuance.

As a result, one of the few times Biden has read the teleprompter accurately, actually resulted in an even greater blunder than if he had just gone rogue, or shook hands with the air. This blunder? Insulting nearly every Latino in America and Mexico.

The meltdown happened at the close of his speech. Keep in mind that his remarks are being translated into Spanish. Can you imagine being the translator for this guy? Here is the video of what happened.


Twitter immediately responded with many of Hispanic origin being highly offended. The issue is that things such as metaphors, jokes, and symbolism do not translate well. All speechwriters know to strip most of these things out when addressing a multi-lingual audience. Not Joe’s speechwriters, they decided to choose violence that day.

It’s worth pointing out that Biden also insulted Canada in the process. If Mexico is the front yard, then Canada is, by default, the backyard. Another case of dementia-induced friendly fire. A Spanish-speaking Twitter user was kind enough to point that out.

This roughly translates to:

At least it’s established that Canada is actually the backyard hahah”

Well, it wouldn’t be a success for the Biden administration if they went without damaging at least one international relationship each day. Looking forward to what he does for Asian Appreciation Month.

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