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Jill Biden Is Reportedly Sick

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I wish her a speedy recovery, but the irony is just too much…

Jill Biden has tested positive for Covid-19 yet again, and this marks the 4th high-profile case that I have seen lately of a triple/quadruple vaccinated person contracting Covid.

The others are Joe Biden, Fauci, and Albert Bourla—the C.E.O. of Pfizer…

It’s almost as if some sort of divine spectacle is taking place here with these 4 specific individuals all contracting Covid, sometimes multiple times, despite having all the shots…

Here’s what we currently know:

The Epoch Times had more details:

The 71-year-old first tested positive for the virus on Aug. 16 while in South Carolina, according to her office, which also confirmed she started taking a course of the Pfizer-made Paxlovid.

The first lady has received both vaccine doses and two booster shots.


Newsmax explains:

President Joe Biden, who spent three days with his wife at their Rehoboth Beach, Del. vacation home, continues to test negative, the White House said.

He also suffered a rebound case earlier this month after an initial recovery from the virus.

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