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It’s The New “White or Blue” Dress Brain Teaser And It’s Wild!

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Remember two years ago when everyone on the Internet was talking about the white or blue dress?

This picture divided the internet:

Was it black and blue…or…white and gold?

I’m guessing you see one of those options right know and can’t imagine how anyone could see the opposite choice.

And yet they did.

Split 50/50, people swore they saw what they saw and it didn’t seem possible someone else (the other 50% of the world) could see exactly opposite colors.

As I type this right now, I see white and gold.

Curious what you see?

The reason I bring it up is because we have the new version.

This is a 6 second video that I’ve probably watched 30 times (and NO pervs, not for the “Hooters Girl”).

I’ve watched it 30 times because I keep switching which word I am reading and without fail I hear a different word each time I switch!


Try it for yourself:

Backup here:

I’d love to know if it worked for you!

Leave me a comment below.

And if any brainiac out there knows how this is possible, leave a comment about that too!

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