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It’s All About To Change!

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If you read my article and watched the most recent video from Timothy Dixon from yesterday, you know that things are getting VERY urgent…

I pointed out yesterday that all the prophetic voices seem to be saying the change and breakthrough we’ve all been waiting so long for is here…and will come suddenly and all at once!

Watch Timothy Dixon here.

Well, no sooner did I post that then I pull up the latest video from Julie Green this morning and she is saying the EXACT same thing!

I don’t think this is any coincidence.

We are living through unprecedented times, my friends!

You will see things you never thought possible.

The evil Cabal will definitely see things they never thought possible.

Judgment will come crashing down on their heads like the Red Sea crashing down and drowning Pharaoh, burying him and his chariots in a watery grave for centuries.

You do know the chariots can still be found on the Red Sea floor to this day, right?

Please watch this amazing update from Julie Green and be very encouraged!

Find Julie on Rumble here.

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