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Is This the Supreme Court Leaker?

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As soon as news broke about the Supreme Court’s move to overturn Roe V. Wade, every woke liberal was collectively triggered. The feigned moral outrage was thick enough to choke on. The next focus for many immediately went to the identity of the leaker.

For context about why this is such a big deal, a leak from the sacred chambers of SCOTUS  has never happened to this degree in all of US history. We are talking about a fully formed legal opinion, not some ideas scribbled on a napkin in the commissary. It was a document complete with which Justices were in favor of it and which ones were against it.

ABC News sums it up like this:

“Certainly, it’s not a totally leakproof institution, but there has never been a leak even remotely like this,” said ABC News Supreme Court contributor Kate Shaw on ABC News’ podcast “Start Here.” “I don’t think in the history of the Supreme Court, which is the history of the country – it is totally uncharted.”

Confidentiality is important so that justices can focus purely on allowing the Constitution to determine truth rather than fear of public opinion or in this case, outrage.

So now the hunt for the leaker is underway. While we don’t know the identity for sure, here are the list of the top suspects in this evolving investigation.

First of all, it’s important to know that there are two schools of thought about where this leaker comes from.

The Left and the Right.

Now as far-fetched as it may seem, the theory that it was actually someone on the right that leaked this document is gaining traction.  Let’s tackle the evidence and theories that point to the Right being the ones with the purple dye on their hands.

For those not as knowledgeable as I am about the spouses of Supreme Court justices, the woman in the above tweet is Ginni Thomas. She is the wife of, you guessed it, Justice Clarence Thomas. You might remember the firestorm she kicked up when text messages of hers relating to “stop the steal” became public.

Additionally, Ginni owns a consulting firm that serves many conservatives that you would recognize on the news every week.

ABC cites the possibility of it being a conservative family member.

Mr. Epps said it is not out of the question that the justices might share their work with family members. (A common conspiracy theory on Twitter — offered with no evidence — is that Ginni Thomas, a conservative political activist and the wife of Justice Clarence Thomas, leaked the draft.)

A strong reason why it would be a pro-life conservative that leaked this is a strategic one. By releasing a copy of the draft complete with which Justices are for and which ones are against, you ensure that no one jumps ship later on when it gets to home plate.

Do you know how cowardly it would look for a Justice to jump ship after the fact? That’s only something RINOS in Congress would do.

Here’s a clip of Liz Wheeler talking about this theory:

While growing in credibility, the way the Left responded to this leak leaves many believing it is in fact Liberals that are responsible for the leak. The synchronous way they all took to Twitter didn’t seem like a coincidence. They used similar language and they all pushed for the same call to action.

Check out these tweets by Sanders, AOC, and Pocahantas

Let’s shift our focus to potential leakers on the Left.

Despite what the picture would suggest, Amit Jain does not work at Baby GAP. He is a clerk for Justice Sotomayor. Pimiso gives us some background to this character.

Amit Jain is currently serving as associate justice Sonia Sotomayor’s clerk. Further, he is the CEO of Sequoia Capital India, a Standford University and Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) Delhi alumnus.

So he’s a communist worth millions of dollars. Got it. These guys. Stuck on stupid. Amit has a track record of hating anything conservative.

But we can’t let our friend Amit Jain have all the shine. Let’s bring on our next contestant.

Elizabeth is an interesting possibility. She is a clerk for Justice Breyer. She’s definitely far-left leaning and with some maneuvering would have access to the document in question.  Most damming is that her greatest claim to fame is her article published in the Yale Law Journal in 2015.

The crazy thing? It was about reproductive rights and abortion. Here’s a screen grab:

She even goes after Hobby Lobby in that article. A mark of a truly sick individual.

And there you have it, our short list of possible leakers. Keep an eye out. As more names come to the surface, will be getting that info out ASAP.

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