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International Coalition of Thousands of Aviation & Medical Professionals Release Statement Concerning Pilot COVID-19 Jab Injuries

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The Free to Fly organization published a statement from an international coalition of aviation & medical professionals.

They expressed serious concerns with compromise in aviation safety due to vaccine injuries among flight crew.

The coalition represents over 30 airlines, 1000s of pilots & over 17,000 physicians and medical scientists.

From the Free to Fly website:

We unequivocally support our passengers’ and colleagues’ rights and freedoms, including their freedom to fly, without the need to disclose private personal medical information.

It’s important to keep in mind that Free to Fly is not an airline or air service, but a group of aviation professionals and passengers. With Free to Fly, we aim to accomplish three goals:

  1. Build a sufficiently large movement, such that maximum economic and political pressure can be exerted on corporations and on government.
  2. Influence the public discourse by leveraging the credibility aviation professionals have in society, with an emphasis on winning the hearts and minds of average Canadians. We do this by growing our visibility, as well as by waging effective social media campaigns.
  3. Wage a legal campaign to block, and/or overturn, all vaccination mandates.

If you are a passenger, or a professional employed in aviation, and you feel strongly that the ability to travel should not be linked to vaccination status, then join the fight to build a movement that is impossible to ignore.


Last month, American Airlines Captain Bob Snow experienced a severe post-vaccination cardiac arrest inside the cockpit of Airbus 321 with nearly two hundred souls.

The event took place at the gate six minutes after landing.

Vaccinated American Airlines Pilot Went Into Cardiac Arrest Six Minutes After Landing Commercial Flight With Nearly 200 Passengers (WATCH)


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