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I’m Shocked Yellen Says She Didn’t Know about Taibbi Visit

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On Wednesday’s broadcast of the Fox News Channel’s “The Story,” House Judiciary Committee Chairman Rep. Jim Jordan (R-OH) stated that it’s odd that Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen claimed she didn’t know about the IRS’ visit to journalist Matt Taibbi’s home given how big the story is.

Jordan said, “We gave them a time in the future to get back with us. We hope they will. I’m surprised that Janet Yellen didn’t know anything about this. This is actually a pretty big development in America, in the United States of America, where you’re not supposed to have the government being turned on the very people it’s supposed to serve, which looks like may have been what was going on here.”

He continued, “I think the context is important. Remember, the day before Mr. Taibbi testifies, we all learned that the FTC sent a letter to Twitter asking Twitter who are the journalists you’re talking to, named Mr. Taibbi personally. The very next day, he testifies and Democrat members of the committee ask him, who are your sources, give us your sources, a direct attack on the First Amendment. And while they’re asking those questions, the IRS is at his door.”

Jordan added, “It looked like someone may have tried to fake his identity. We know that he doesn’t owe any money. He’s paid all he owes. In fact, the IRS owes him. The government owes him back money.”

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