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Illinois School Board Put on Notice by Fed Up Mom (WATCH)

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An Illinois mom put Lyons Township High School Board on notice at a recent school board meeting.

“I will serve each of you a letter of intent to file a claim against your civil insurance liability policy that is held with a risk management company in lieu of your individual liability bonds required by state law for every person who is elected or appointed to government or public office,” she said.

“You might not realize this yet, but each of you is personally liable for a pre-determined amount stated in your policy for damages per claim,” she added.

She accused the school board of violating numerous state, federal, and international laws, and many of their indiscretions aren’t covered by the policy.

The alleged violations include:

  • Practicing medicine without a license
  • Bullying, bribery, and imprisonment
  • Violation of civil rights
  • Violation of religious rights
  • Mental anguish
  • Providing obscene and pornographic materials to minors
  • Interfering with a child’s attendance at school

She stated the school board could face time in federal prison for their actions if they do not cease and desist.

“You have 72 hours upon receipt of this notice to correct these violations at all schools in the Lyons Township district,” she said.

She listed the following demands:

  • Stop coercing all forms of COVID propaganda and all vaccine clinics on school grounds
  • Cease coercion and pushing CRT, LGBTQ month, demanding kids to declare if they’re transgender to participate in school activities and classes
  • Halt all enforcement of policies that require universal masking
  • Masking without parental consent in classes
  • Remove all obscene and pornographic books and materials immediately
  • Remove all boys from the girls locker rooms and bathrooms
  • Remove all girls from boys bathrooms, including the sanitary product machines
  • Remove all toxic cleaning products from school premises

She stated failure of the school board to comply with these demands within 72 hours will result in a claim being filed against the insurance and/or bond company for the full amount of the coverage.

The coverage amounts to $1 million for each of the seven board members.

Watch the epic speech via Rumble:

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