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Illegal Alien Arrested After What He Allegedly Did to Minor Girl in Walmart Parking Lot

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Three illegal immigrants are in custody on fraud charges, and one of them is also accused of sexually assaulting a teen girl in a Walmart parking lot last week in Shallotte, North Carolina.

According to WECT-TV, police said the three men approached a teenage girl and her brother Friday, pretending to be deaf. They allegedly convinced the two they were collecting donations for an international charity.

Lt. Cory McLamb told the news outlet that the brother went back inside to get cash to give to the group.

At that point, McLamb said, “one of the men forcefully grabs the female’s hand, pulls her in closer to him, puts his arm around her, grabs her in her chest area, sniffs her neck and sniffs her hair and also kisses her neck.”

The girl reported the assault to a Walmart employee. That employee, in turn, flagged down a police officer who was already there responding to complaints about the men.


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The men fled, but police followed and pulled them over, according to WECT.

Security footage confirmed that “a sexual assault did occur,” according to the Charlotte News and Observer.

“During the investigation, detectives uncovered additional crimes, including defrauding prospective donors by representing themselves as hearing impaired and affiliated with the Handicap International Charity, including Humanity and Inclusion Charity,” the news station reported, quoting a release from the department.

“Officers located fraudulent donation collection forms with signatures from citizens and the donation amounts that were given to the men were located in the vehicle. Additionally, officers located large sums of U.S. currency stored in secret compartments inside the vehicle. The money was seized.”

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To top it all off, the three men were illegal immigrants from Romania. Remus Duduveica, Ulise Dumitru and Ion Levers Istronom were arrested and charged with obtaining property under false pretense, while Duduveica was also charged with misdemeanor sexual battery of a minor, according to the report.

Immigration authorities have issued a detainer and have begun taking steps to deport the three men, according to the report.

First off, it needs to be pointed out that the problem of immigration is no longer limited to migrants coming from Latin America. Now, illegal immigrants are coming to the United States from all over the world.

It seems as if immigrants can just stream into the country and the Biden administration will do absolutely nothing to stop them.

This story once again illustrates the fact that the open-border policies being pushed by Joe Biden and Kamala Harris are putting American citizens at serious risk.


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We have seen countless stories of illegal immigrants crossing the southern border and going on to commit heinous crimes against American citizens. Many of them are deported, but thanks to the lack of immigration enforcement, they just come back into the country.

But now, the situation at the border has become more serious than human trafficking, drug dealing or even murder.

Now that it’s been revealed that illegal immigrants from China are crossing the border, there is a very real threat that many of the illegal immigrants coming into the country are doing so with the express intent of harming our national security.

The Biden administration probably has the worst border policy in the history of the country. Under their watch, the government has completely dispensed with any pretense of protecting the border. Instead, they are letting everyone in.

In Biden’s America, any illegal immigrant is welcome, regardless of whether they are a drug smuggler from Central America, a potential spy from China or an apparent fraudster from Romania.

These people are able to get into the United States with the greatest of ease, and it is causing real problems for the American people.

It is long past time that the Biden administration took real steps to secure the border and to ensure the safety of the American people.

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