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“I Had The Same Ambulance Driver As Epstein!”

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Well, this is certainly odd…

Jesse Watters has been off the air, off his regular show “The Five” for almost two weeks.

But today Watters World was back and he had a story to tell!

Watters says he threw his back out after taking a shower.

I’m not saying I don’t believe that, I’m just saying it sounds weird.

You know what sounds even weirder?

Jesse proudly announcing he had the same ambulance driver as Jeffrey Epstein when he was shipped from the prison cell to the morgue.

Yeah, that’s not weird either or anything…

Before I show you that clip, I would be remiss if I didn’t first correct Jesse on one small detail.

They are not “ambulance drivers” Jesse — they are EMTs or Paramedics.

EMT-nation, I’ve got your back:

And now…for the announcement:

Watch the full clip right here on Rumble:

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