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How Easy Is It to Get Ivermectin in El Salvador?

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El Salvador grabbed my attention on multiple occasions over the past several months.

The Central American country ran a promotional campaign that preached common sense to protect yourself from COVID-19, including nutritional diet, exercise, and vitamin D.

Guess Which Country Finally Released a COVID-19 Campaign That Promotes Healthy Diet, Exercise & Sunlight Exposure

For individuals who contracted COVID-19, the El Salvador government sent home medicine packets and self-treatment instructions.

El Salvador Government Gives Medicine Packets to All COVID-19 Patients. Guess What They Contain?

The medicine packets included ivermectin.

WLT has reported the truth about ivermectin.

TRUTH: Ivermectin Safe, Effective, Won The Nobel Prize and FDA Approved Since 1996!

The U.S. government has colluded with the pharmaceutical companies, mainstream media, and Big Tech to censor ivermectin.

American citizens must still go through hoops and ladders or have connections to obtain ivermectin.

But in El Salvador, it’s easy as 1-2-3.

How do I know?

I recently visited El Salvador since there are currently no COVID-19 entry restrictions.

There’s no proof of COVID-19 jab, negative test, health declaration form, or quarantine to enter the country.

Masks in specific indoor facilities are the only internal COVID-19 restriction I encountered within El Salvador.

While mask theatre is still prevalent in parts of El Salvador, I avoided most areas where it’s a requirement.

Anyways, how easy is getting your hands on ivermectin in El Salvador?

*NOTE – These are my observations during the time of my visit, March 2022*

You only have to walk into a pharmacy and ask for ivermectin (ivermectina in Spanish).

Here is a package found in the coastal town of La Libertad that included 10 tablets for $20.

In the colonial town of Suchitoto, this package cost roughly $5.

San Miguel, the third-largest city in El Salvador, had this package available for a little under $9.

You can walk into the pharmacy and inform the employee working the register what you need to purchase.

There’s no prescription required to obtain it.

It takes two minutes, and you’re out the door.

But in the United States, pharmacies have denied individuals purchasing ivermectin with a doctor’s prescription.

Marine Veteran Plans to Sue Walmart After Having Ivermectin Prescription Denied by Pharmacist

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