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How Come Biden is Visiting Buffalo, But He Couldn’t Visit Waukesha?

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White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre on Monday struggled to answer why Joe Biden is visiting Buffalo after a mass shooting, yet couldn’t visit Waukesha after a terrorist killed 6 people and injured dozens more after he plowed through a Christmas parade.

Waukesha killer Darrell Brooks plowed through a Christmas parade with his SUV last winter.

** 18 Children were injured and sent to hospitals in the demonic attack.
** 62 individuals were injured in total.
** 6 died, including a child.

Joe Biden never visited Waukesha after the horrific killings.

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Last November then-White House spox Jen Psaki said Biden couldn’t visit Waukesha because it requires a lot of assets and takes the city’s resources.


But Joe Biden will travel to Buffalo this week after a deranged teenager gunned down several shoppers at a Tops grocery store.

Fox News reporter Peter Doocy grilled Karine Jean-Pierre: “How come the President is visiting Buffalo after a senseless tragedy there, but he couldn’t visit Waukesha…?”

“He’s visited many communities…that’s not the first one, so, he’s been to many others,” Jean-Pierre said without offering any details.


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