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House Judiciary Democrats Working to Change Recusal Standards For Justice Clarence Thomas

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House Judiciary Democrats are up to their old tricks and planning a closed-door meeting to come up with a plot to force Justice Clarence Thomas to recuse from cases related to January 6.

The January 6 Committee last month leaked Ginni Thomas’ text exchanges with Mark Meadows to the Washington Post as her husband was hospitalized with an infection.

The text messages exchanged between Ginni Thomas and Trump’s former Chief of Staff Mark Meadows are uneventful.

Senate Judiciary Chairman Dick Durbin last week joined other Democrats and called for Clarence Thomas to recuse himself from cases related to January 6.

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Now this…

House Democrats are hatching a plot to change the recusal standards for Justice Clarence Thomas.

Some of the Democrats on the Judiciary Committee, chaired by Jerrold Nadler, have suggested drafting legislation to change recusal standards – a move that is arguably unconstitutional.

“There will be a conversation on how to proceed. Some of us are eager to perform some kind of oversight,” one of the Democrat lawmakers told NBC on Tuesday. “We totally understand the separation-of-power issues. There are major limitations, obviously. But we can’t just sit on our hands.”

NBC News reported:

Democrats on the House Judiciary Committee plan to hold a closed-door meeting to discuss how they might further respond to conflict-of-interest accusations against Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas and his wife, the conservative activist Virginia “Ginni” Thomas, three Democrats on the committee said.

The meeting had been planned for Thursday, but a committee spokesman said Tuesday evening it was being postponed, likely until after lawmakers return from a two-week congressional recess on April 26. The spokesman cited scheduling conflicts for the delay.

Some Democrats have already suggested drafting legislation to create a code of ethics for Supreme Court justices — which the court would likely see as not being up to constitutional muster. Others have floated the idea of launching investigations or holding hearings to generate public pressure on the justices to enact their own code.

The Democrat called the meeting a “pretty specific response to many of us clamoring for some kind of action, or at least a conversation on a path forward.”

However, a Democratic spokesman for the Judiciary Committee characterized the planned private gathering as a regular meeting of members to discuss the panel’s upcoming agenda.

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