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House Ethics Committee Launches Investigation Into Madison Cawthorn’s Promotion Of LGB Coin

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The hypocrisy is unreal…

We previously reported that droves of Washington politicians and bureaucrats were found to have violated the Stock Act, and 75 members of Congress were revealed as having interests in Moderna, Pfizer, and Johnson & Johnson in 2020.

Insider trading in Washington D.C. is rampant, Nancy Pelosi being one of the most suspect people in Washington D.C. alleged to have made her fortune via insider trading.

How else does a public servant making roughly $200,000 a year amass a fortune numbering in the hundreds of millions?

Let’s Go Brandon coin, is a meme-coin that exists to troll the resident-in-chief, Joe Biden, and Madison Cawthorn is now under investigation by the House Committee on Ethics for his promotion of the coin.

Fellow GOP member, Thom Tillis accused Cawthorn of insider trading via a pump and dump scheme of the meme-coin, which makes me wonder: is this retribution for his previous House of Cards comments?

Why else would they single out one individual for behavior that is rampant in the swamp?

Read on, and let us know what you think:

Newsmax reports:

The House Ethics Committee is currently investigating to see if Cawthorn, who owns some of the currency, and promoted it in a Dec. 29, 2021, post on Twitter, knew ahead of time that the driver in the race, Brown, would be announcing the next day that the coin would be one of his sponsors, causing the coin to spike in value


ProCoin News adds:

Senator Thom Tillis suggested that an investigation into Cawthorn’s alleged insider trading activities be launched last month, and the latest reports indicate that the House Committee on Ethics is now conducting a full, official investigation into the former Rep.

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