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“Hollywood is Not America” – Katy Perry Moves Out from Hollywood ‘Bubble’ to Live in Kentucky

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Award-winning American singer and songwriter, Katy Perry, shared during a podcast episode that she had an ‘amazing experience’ living in the Bluegrass State after escaping the Hollywood life.

During an interview with comedian Chelsea Handler of “Dear Chelsea” on Thursday, Katy Perry revealed that she recently moved to Kentucky for the last month.

“I’m like, living in Kentucky, and I have for almost a month now. And that’s quite an amazing experience. Because it reminds you that Hollywood is not America. You need to remember that because you can understand people better,” Perry said on the podcast.

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The “Last Friday Night” singer emphasized that living outside Hollywood allows celebrities to understand people better.

“You need to remember that,” Perry added. “Because I think you can understand people better.”

“Yeah, right. It’s nice to get outside of what you know to be normal and your reality,” Handler responded.

“Yeah, I mean they’re living in a bubble of sorts. We’re living in a bubble. Our bubbles are completely opposite. But they’re — it’s interesting,” Perry said.

Handler noted that Perry grew up in a “super religious” family.

“You’ve been in different bubbles cause you grew up in a bubble,” Handler added. “You grew up super religious, yeah, and that’s one bubble. Then you came into this industry, that’s another bubble. Right?”

“It’s an anthropology study of humans,” Perry acknowledged.

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