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HHS Secretary Xavier Becerra Says Vaccines are KILLING Blacks, Latinos & Indigenous People at “Two Times the Rate of White Americans” (WATCH)

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HHS Secretary Xavier Becerra stated at The White House Convening on Equity: “we know that vaccines are killing people of color, blacks, Latinos, indigenous people at about two times the rate of white Americans.”

Yes, Becerra really made that statement without a stutter.

WATCH via Bitchute:

Here’s the same statement on The White House YouTube page with subtitles (starting at 45:50):

Natural News wrote:

Put another way, the experimental gene therapy injections called “vaccines” are depopulation weapons targeting all of humanity, but they disproportionately kill far more Blacks and Latinos on a per-capita basis.

Vitamin D deficiency is the single greatest factor

The reason for this is obvious: Chronic vitamin D deficiency. People of Color are rarely told that their skin pigmentation blocks sunlight-activated vitamin D synthesis in their own skin, so they live out their lives unaware of their desperate need for vitamin D supplementation.

Without adequate vitamin D, they are at far higher risk of cancer, diabetes, bone disorders (such as rickets) and even heart and cardiovascular problems. Importantly, vitamin D deficiency is strongly linked with covid mortality, and since covid “vaccines” turn the body into a spike protein bioweapons factory, the lack of vitamin D only exacerbates the death risk.

This clip reminds us of World Health Organization Director Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus saying “some countries are giving boosters to kill children.”

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