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Here’s Elon’s Cryptic ‘Plan B’

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Three days before Elon Musk announced his offer to buy 100 percent of Twitter’s shares, Aron Solomon correctly predicted the self-made billionaire would make such a move “within days.”

Solomon, the chief legal analyst for Esquire Digital, did as much in an interview with The Western Journal in which Solomon laid out what a potential Musk “Twitter endgame” would look like.

Now, Solomon has a new prediction — what Musk’s critical “Plan B” will be should his current move to purchase Twitter end in failure.

On Thursday, during a TED2022 conference in Vancouver merely hours after Musk announced his groundbreaking bid to take over the social media giant, the Tesla and SpaceX CEO was asked if there was a “Plan B” ready if the Twitter board rejected his proposal.

“There is,” Musk said.


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When asked what exactly that plan would be, Musk chose not to elaborate, leaving the cryptic statement to speak for itself.

In an email to The Western Journal on Tuesday, Solomon wrote that the plan will likely involve Musk upping his offer to investors from $54.20 per share — a 54 percent premium over the share price the day before Musk began investing in the company —  to $60-$61 per share.

When Musk made his initial offer to Twitter shareholders, he claimed it was his “best and final offer,” according to the official SEC filing.

However, in Solomon’s view, the evidence suggests Musk knew his current offer was not “going to be enough.”

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The shift in Musk’s messaging also suggests he is positioning himself to make this move.

Before announcing his intention to buy up the entirety of the company, Musk appeared to be a willing collaborator with Twitter’s board members.

Since making his offer, as the board has made its resistance apparent, Musk has gone into attack mode. Solomon suggested Musk has done so with calculated intention.


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“This is a key. Elon Musk as the white knight. Between this positioning and compelling second offer, it might be too much to turn down,” Solomon wrote in the email.

“Essentially, if Elon Musk wants Twitter badly enough it’s going to be extremely hard to stop him from acquiring it.”

Western Journal

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