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Here We Go Again? Colorado Man Tests Positive for Avian Flu (WATCH)

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Didn’t globalist, depopulation advocate Bill Gates say another ‘pandemic’ would occur?

Every time the media fearmongers about a ‘flu,’ you must wonder if it’s the next scheme in their playbook to scare people back into lockdowns.

The latest reports stated a Colorado man tested positive for a highly contagious strain of Avian Flu that has likely killed hundreds of birds.


The CDC reportedly said the risk the virus poses to people remains low.

ABC News reported:

A Colorado inmate is the first person in the United States to test positive for bird flu as an ongoing outbreak in the country continues to affect birds and poultry.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment said the man, who is under age 40, was involved in culling poultry that were presumed to be infected with the virus.

According to a press release from the CDPHE, the man, an inmate at a state correctional facility in Delta County — about 100 miles southwest of Aspen — was exposed while working with infected poultry at a commercial farm in Montrose County, about 50 miles away.

The farm work is part of a pre-release employment program in which inmates can work for private companies and be paid a wage.

The man’s positive test has placed 10 people under health surveillance, according to STAT News:

Authorities in Colorado are monitoring the health of about 10 people who were in contact with a man who tested positive for H5 bird flu when he was involved in culling poultry infected with the virus.

The man, who is incarcerated at a state correctional facility and was taking part in a pre-release work program, is being considered the country’s first case of H5 bird flu. The people being monitored worked with him and shared transportation to the poultry operation.

State Epidemiologist Rachel Herlihy said Friday that all the individuals have tested twice for the virus and all tests have been negative so far. They were all offered the flu antiviral Tamiflu, which can be used both to treat and prevent flu infections, though Herlihy wasn’t certain all had agreed to take it. They will be monitored for 10 days after their last exposure to the unidentified man, who she said had recovered from a very mild illness.

“We’re being cautious,” Herlihy told STAT. “We’re using isolation, we’re using treatment, we’re monitoring contacts — doing all of those things. But we continue to believe that the risk overall is low.”

Bill Gates is probably already funding a ‘vaccine’ for this strain of bird flu for all we know.

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