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Heckler Interrupts Biden Speech, Calls Him a ‘Pedophile’

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Joe Biden was interrupted during a speech in Maryland on Thursday by a heckler.

Biden was yammering on about the “burn it all down politics of MAGA republicans” when a man yelled out: “You stole the election!”

The tiny high school auditorium crowd then began to boo the man.

As he was being escorted out of the building, the heckler shouted: “You’re a pedophile too!”


You’d think with such a tiny crowd, Biden’s people would have made sure everyone in attendance was blindly loyal to him.

Here’s the clip:

Here’s another angle of the incident:

The Post Millennial reported:

Biden was in the middle of his remarks and was interrupted while saying, “The whole notion of ‘burn it all down’ MAGA Republicans continues to be a drum beat…” when the man yelled, “You stole the election!”

The man continued, “You stole it! You stole it guy! You stole it!”
As the Democratic faithful at the rally began to boo the man added, “You’re a pedophile too!” Video then showed the protester being removed from the rally.

You’ll notice that Biden’s big mid-term rally takes place in what appears to be a high school auditorium..

This man just made some more friends:

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