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He Looked Asian: Unhinged Daily Beast Writer Harasses Asian Man at Bar and Brags About It Online

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Daily Beast, The Atlantic, Rolling Stone and NBC contributor Thor Benson bragged on Twitter last night after he harassed an Asian man at a bar in New Orleans.

Thor Benson thought the Asian-looking man was Andy Ngo. So he went up and told him he was a “garbage person.”

The tweet is still posted on his website.

The Asian man was not Andy Ngo. But the man was frightened and fled the bar.

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Andy Ngo later posted a response to Thor Benson and the leftists who cheered him.

This would get you kicked off of social media if you are a conservative.

The Post Millennial reported:

Thor Benson, a writer for a variety of left-wing media outlets, including The Daily BeastThe Atlantic, Rolling Stone, NBC News, and Business Insider, mistakenly believed he had encountered The Post Millennial‘s editor-at-large Andy Ngo in a bar in New Orleans and harassed the Asian man until he left.

“I just ran into Andy Ngo at a bar in New Orleans,” Benson reported to Twitter. “I politely told him he’s a ‘garbage person.’ Lol.” The man was not Andy Ngo.

Ngo, a Portland, Oregon, native, was not even in New Orleans, nor Louisiana, at the time Benson approached the stranger and harassed him until he left.
Ngo reached out on Twitter to ask The Daily Beast‘s editor-in-chief Tracy Connor if she supports their contributor harassing strangers in bars simply because that contributor mistakes them for someone else.  Connor also could not answer the question of whether or not she thinks Benson would have been correct to harass the man had he been Ngo.

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