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Hate Crimes Against Catholic Churches on the Rise

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The door of a Roman Catholic Church suffers scorch damage from petrol bombs and paint during a sectarian attack

Hate crimes against Catholic Churches are increasing with nearly 300 vandalisms since May 2020. The alarming increase has been met with silence from Biden and the liberal media. Over 40% of those vandalisms came after the leak of the Supreme Court’s decision in Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Health Organization.

In the leaked draft the court overturned the 1973 Supreme Court decision Roe v. Wade, which stated that a woman had a legal right to end the life of her unborn child.

Thankfully this draft became official and Roe v. Wade was overturned on June 24, 2022 after nearly 50 years.
The joyous moment was cut short as those on the left began to lash out at the Catholic Church for the decisions of the Supreme Court.

Fox News contributor Raymond Arroyo had this to add on Tuesday Jan.22:

“There is something odd that is happening here, phenomena that is not being reported. I think it’s a combination of people who believe it’s correct to desecrate and defile houses [of worship] as a means of political protest”,

Barely a week can go by without the Catholic News Agency having to report on a church being desecrated. The once peaceful houses of worship are now left to clean up hateful graffiti and extreme damage to their property. Some times the language that is used is clearly meant to incite violence. On October 8, 2022 three vandals were caught on camera graffitiing pro abortion sentiments at the Church of the Resurrection in Lansing, Michigan.
Threats such as “Abort the court”, “Death to Christian nationalism” and “Kill all Christian nationalist” were spray painted on and around the building causing $15,000 worth of damages. Unfortunately these callous criminals are still at large.

Here is the disturbing video:

The situation has gotten so dire that CatholicVote created a $1 million ad campaign targeted at Biden in response to the inaction of the Department of Justice to take this matter seriously.

Unfortunately but not surprisingly these attacks continue and the pleas for help have fallen on deaf ears.

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