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Greta Thunberg Claims ‘Climate Crisis’ is ‘Absent’ from Public Debate

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Despite the seismic shift towards pushing green agenda talking points from bigwigs worldwide, activist Greta Thunberg has now claimed that the so-called “climate crisis” is “absent” from public debate.

Governments worldwide are turning their economies upside-down to appease the global green agenda push while issues of importance to ordinary people such as mass migration are largely ignored, but long-time climate activist Greta Thunberg has now claimed that the so-called “climate crisis” has remained absent from public debate.

The 19-year-old, who has appeared multiple times at the World Economic Forum (WEF) to push green agenda talking points, has recently made a return to the limelight after a period of partial absence, with the teenager hitting the establishment media multiple times as she prepares to release a new book in the autumn.

According to Thunberg, despite all this coverage of her, as well as the prevalence of national governments and trans-national bodies pushing climate change agendas to the point of being detrimental to their own energy security, discussion of the so-called “climate crisis” remains largely absent from the public sphere.

“I started striking from school on August 20th 2018 ahead of the Swedish general election,” the activist wrote online. “We are still here, but the climate crisis is still absent from the debate.”

“The most affected people from the most affected areas are still being silenced,” she continued. “The people in power still seem to be spending all their time distracting, delaying and denying the necessary changes ahead of us. The emissions of CO2 are not reducing — they are still increasing.”

Thunberg also complained about the world “expanding fossil fuel infrastructure and pouring astronomical amounts of money into destruction” — a possible reference to the sudden surge in interest worldwide in liquified natural gas (LNG) facilities and other hydrocarbons in the wake of Russia’s renewed invasion of Ukraine and the resulting Western sanctions war on Moscow helping to trigger an energy crisis.

One of the parties interested in LNG is Germany, whose climate alarmist agenda has partly left the country stranded due to its renewable energy sector being unable to pick up the slack left by a sudden absence of available Russian gas and oil.

The country now faces the possibility of riots over the winter over gas shortages, with many in the country now fearing that they will be unable to properly heat their homes.

Thunberg’s widely viewed comments represent the latest instance of the Swedish teen hitting the headlines this year, with the activist having previously made a prominent appearance at the United Kingdom’s famous Glastonbury festival.

She also publicly lambasted the EU for being too lenient in its treatment of the much-hated nuclear energy sector.

Such attention will possibly be welcome to the WEF affiliate ahead of the launch of her new book, which she reportedly hopes will become the “go-to source” for the general public on the issue of climate change.

Slated to launch in late October, according to the publisher’s website, the book could end up being a lucrative venture if it achieves the lofty aims set for it by the teen, with Amazon selling it at $25.99 a copy for the hardcover edition and $15.99 for the digital version as of the time of writing.

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