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GOP Rep. Jake Ellzey from Texas Asks If Biden Is “Colluding with the Media?” (VIDEO)

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GOP Representative Jake Ellzey from Texas was on with Tucker last night and he asked whether Joe Biden is colluding with the media.  This is something that has been going on for months. 

After putting his foot in his mouth for days and almost starting World War III, Joe Biden was prevented from speaking at yesterday’s presser in DC.  He was asked only one question as we reported yesterday.

After Yesterday’s Disastrous Presser, Biden’s Handlers Allow Him to Take Only One Pre-Approved Question Today (VIDEO)

Last night, Rep. Ellzey was on FOX News where he shared:

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Rep. Jake Ellzey questioned whether a cue card with talking points that President Biden used involved collusion with the media and suggested that other people are “calling the shots.”

A photo showed that Biden held a note card during a news briefing Monday. The card included prepared responses to a question asking what the president meant when he said earlier that Russian President Vladimir Putin couldn’t remain in power.

“The question I have is, were those questions that he had on the note card planted by somebody else and then referred to by the media?” Ellzey, a Texas Republican, said during an interview with Fox News. “That would show collusion with the media.”

The Democrats collude with Big Tech and the Mainstream Media and have for years.  This is a key reason that the US is in such a terrible state with a senile old man being led by people we don’t even know who they are.


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