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Good Samaritans Find 8 Puppies Tied Up in Bags, Tossed on the Side of the Road Like Trash

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When a couple in Crosby, Texas, suddenly heard a chorus of whining and crying near where they keep their cattle on Saturday morning, they went to investigate.

What they found left them heartbroken and enraged.

Three heavy-duty feed bags had been left on the side of the road, tied tightly with baling twine. Upon investigating, they discovered that eight Labrador retriever mix puppies had been crammed into the bags, tied up inside of them, tossed on the side of the road and left for dead, according to a post by the rescuer.

“Just as we were making cupcakes to celebrate Daisy’s weekend release from the hospital, a low life decides to dump 8 puppies in the ditch in front of Stephanie’s house,” a post from Rescue Texas reads.


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“They were in plastic bags, tied shut. The story is fluid as of this moment.

“Of course we are going to save these puppies but they will be isolated to insure they don’t have anything contagious and an update will be posted ASAP.

“We all had important family things to do today. Instead, we dropped everything and put the wheels in motion: SAVE the puppies, clean them, rush to get vaccinations and dewormer, shuffle kennels to give them a safe/clean spot.”

The adorable black puppies were secured and removed from their cruel bag prisons. The rescue is now accepting donations to help care for these eight new additions, saying they need to build a space to keep them.

A video of the find was also shared to Facebook from TikTok, with the text “This is how people deal with their problems in Crosby Texas!”

“The big picture is infuriating,” Rescue Texas’ post concluded. “Irresponsible pet owners who do not spay/neuter, vaccinate or provide heartworm prevention.


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“When they dump the puppies (or often kill them), Do they just assume the other people have time and money to deal with their problems and irresponsibility?”

The spot where the puppies were found has become notorious as a drop-off spot for unwanted animals. Since the beginning of the year, around 30 dogs have been dumped close to where the puppies were found.

“The animal cruelty in Dayton/Crosby is unbelievable,” Stephanie Sims, with the rescue, told KTRK-TV.

“It makes me sick to my stomach knowing someone intentionally tied these dogs in bags. Knew they were going to die a slow, painful death. By suffocating.”

But thanks to Stephanie and the others involved in the rescue, these puppies are alive and will be getting a much-deserved second chance.

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She has a slew of interests that keep her busy, including trying out new recipes, enjoying nature, discussing ridiculous topics, reading, drawing, people watching, developing curriculum, and writing bios. Sometimes she has red hair, sometimes she has brown hair, sometimes she’s had teal hair.
With a book on productive communication strategies in the works, Amanda is also writing and illustrating some children’s books with her husband, Edward.


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