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Good Grief. Former President George W. Bush Gets Punked by Russian Radio Pranksters

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This guy was leader of the Free World.

Former President George W. Bush got punked by Russian radio pranksters Vladimir “Vovan” Kuznetsov and Alexei “Lexus” Stolyarov in a recent phone call.

As you may remember, the two Russian pranksters punked Rep. Adam Schiff back in 2018. The two Russian comedians nicknamed ‘Vovan’ and ‘Lexus’ told Shifty Schiff they had naked pictures of President Trump. Schiff immediately fell for the prank.

This time Vovan and Lexus punked George W. Bush. And they have video.

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A tweet posted Tuesday on Vovan’s Twitter account features a preview mash-up of a conversation expected to be released in full later this week.

At the end of the interview, George Bush salutes them. Oh boy.

Via Sputnik News.

The Gateway Pundit

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