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George P. Bush Attacks Ken Paxton For Mask, CRT Lawsuits: I'd Be 'Staying Out of the Courthouse' as AG

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It sounds like he’s running for the wrong office.

Texas Attorney General candidate George P. Bush revealed that he plans on “staying out of the courthouse” if elected as Texas’ top prosecutor.

Bush was speaking to a Texas teacher on Wednesday. He is challenging incumbent Ken Paxton in the Republican primary.

Bush criticized Paxton’s lawsuits against mask and vaccination mandates in schools.

He said that he opposes critical race theory, but questioned the idea that the Texas Attorney General should pursue school districts for violating state law through its instruction.

Bush has said that he plans to use the powers of the office to secure the border, a topic on which Paxton has aggressively sued the Biden administration.

“We need a nuanced approach, an attorney that’s not just trying to score political points,” said Bush of Paxton.

The younger Bush described himself as a lawyer who seeks to avoid litigation at all costs, claiming that critical race theory had been “overly politicized.”

George P. Bush is the son of failed 2016 presidential candidate and ex-Florida Gov. Jeb Bush.

He’s the fourth generation of the famed globalist political dynasty to serve in elected office, currently serving as Land Commissioner of Texas.

Bush knocked Paxton in even sharper terms in an interview at the same event, pointing out that the incumbent is under indictment and likening him to a “22-year swamp creature.”

Bush accused Paxton of taking bribes.

Paxton won 42.7 percent of the vote in the March primary, and he’s slated to face off against Bush in a runoff election on May 24.

Many Republican attorneys general have sought to aggressively counteract critical race theory in schools.

If Bush were to be elected, it seems as if parents would be on their own.

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