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Fusion GPS Counters Durham Motion For Communication Documents

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Durham is coming for Fusion GPS….

The firm recently filed a motion to prevent communication records and documents from coming to public attention via the Michael Sussmann case.

Fusion GPS claims that the communications come under the protection of attorney-client privilege, but sources say this defense likely won’t work as a legal shield.

Attorney-client privilege can be pierced if the intention behind the communication was to commit some sort of crime or fraud.

Here’s what we currently know:

According to The Epoch Times:

In a three-page motion accompanied by 10 attached exhibits filed Tuesday, attorneys Joshua Levy, Rachel Clattenburg, and Kevin Crenny of the Washington, D.C.-based Firestone Muse LLP law firm called on Cooper to allow them to intervene on Fusion GPS’ behalf “for the limited purpose of responding” to Durham’s motion to compel with an opposition brief.


The New York Post confirms:

Special Counsel John Durham asserted in a court filing Friday that the CIA concluded data from Clinton campaign lawyer Michael Sussmann alleging coordination between Donald Trump and Russia was “not technically plausible” and was “user created.”

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