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From The Resurrection and On To Zion!

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Each week I like to bring you a Gospel message each Sunday from a trusted Pastor.

This week is of course very special…it’s Easter Sunday!

Or as Pastor Robb and many others like to call it “Resurrection Sunday”!

I like that.

From this week’s message:

Today’s message is very thought provoking. Is it enough for us to believe in Jesus and to go on living our normal lives? What does Zion truly mean and what does it signify to us who are true followers of Jesus. There are actually two Zion’s written about in the Bible. We will explore the true meaning of Zion. Happy Resurrection Day to all! May God bless each and everyone of you.  Amen. Pastor Robb Goodman Sr Pastor of Zion Freedom Fellowship in Westminster Maryland USA.

Please enjoy:

And because I can’t help myself, here is a bonus message.

That ok with you? 🤗

Here is Louie Giglio on “Resurrection Power”.


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