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French Tennis Star Ugo Humbert Reveals Doctors Told Him Issues Could Have Been Negative Reaction to COVID-19 Shot

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French tennis star Ugo Humbert said his doctors told him there may be a connection between his poor performance last year and the experimental COVID-19 shot.

After losing in the Toronto first round, Humbert took the COVID-19 shot.

He ended his season after four consecutive defeats.

While he underwent testing for the issues impacting his performance, they didn’t produce any results.

However, doctors now tell Humbert there could have been a negative reaction to the experimental shot.

Tennis World provided further details:

“It’s very difficult to say. I’m absolutely not a doctor.

I did all the possible tests, and we found nothing. It was crazy. The doctors said there might be a connection with the vaccine, but it was useless to keep searching, because we don’t know exactly know enough about the vaccine yet,” Humbert said.

“But then 10 days after my shot in Toronto, of course I had played a lot, but ater 45 minutes or one hour, I had cramps everywhere, and at the end of the season it was very tough for me to practice. After an hour I was exhausted.

I had to stop for three weeks. “I also reacted again to COVID when I was in Australia. I think my body had not recuperated enough.” In September, fellow French tennis player Jeremy Chardy said he was dealing with a “series of problems” after receiving his shot.

Humbert was asked whether he talked with other French tennis players about the matter. “No, I’m not the only athlete. I also heard others talking about it, and I know it can happen. I was part of that situation, but I really want to forget about all this. There were tough times. I prefer not to talk about it anymore,” Humbert added.

With 15 tennis players unable to finish the Miami Open, it’s no surprise to see additional players speak up about reactions to the experimental shot.

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