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Fox News Host Takes A Nasty Tumble

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Fox News host Laura Ingraham suffered a nasty fall last weekend during a ski trip at a resort in Colorado.

Ingraham said the fall came after her two sons baited her into racing them down the hill.

She said that she heard a snap once at the bottom of the hill, and immediately knew she tore her ACL:

“I immediately knew it was my ACL because I had done my other knee at the same resort 20 years ago.”

Ingraham addressed the injury in a clip posted to her Instagram.

She appears to be in good spirits following surgery to repair the injured leg.

Resist the Mainstream reported on Ingraham’s fall:

A Fox News program host announced Wednesday she will miss the next few days while recovering from a skiing accident.

Laura Ingraham, host of “The Ingraham Angle,” informed her viewers she wiped out while skiing at a Colorado resort the previous weekend. She posted a video clip to Instagram explaining how she became injured.

Ingraham described how she decided to take her two boys skiing in Colorado the previous weekend, adding everything went fine. She noted she did not wipe out once until her sons baited her into racing them, that is.

Conservative Brief provided more details on the accident:

She said that on the “last run of the day, about a quarter mile from the bottom, at Aspen Highlands” she slid on the ice and “heard a snap.”

“I immediately knew it was my ACL because I had done my other knee at the same resort 20 years ago,” the host said.

“I’m going to try to be back early next week,” she said.


Ingraham gave an update following surgery and appears to be in good spirits:

Many Twitter users wished Laura the best in her recovery:

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