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Former President Trump Gives Endorsement To Popular Florida Republican

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OPINION: This article may contain commentary which reflects the author’s opinion.

Former President Donald Trump has given his endorsement to a popular Florida Republican congressman for the midterm election.

The former president gave his endorsement to Rep. Matt Gaetz, Fox News reported.

“Rep. Matt Gaetz is a relentless Fighter for the incredible people of Florida’s 1st Congressional District!” he said. “Matt is a Champion of our MAGA Agenda, who tirelessly works to Drain the Swamp, Secure the Border, Support our Brave Veterans and Law Enforcement, Defend the Second Amendment, Stand Up to the Woke Mob, and Fight the Never-Ending Witch Hunts from the Radical Left that are destroying our Country!”

He said that Gaetz “puts America First” and “has my Complete and Total Endorsement.”

Voters in Florida will head to the polls on Tuesday to vote in the state’s primary election. Gaetz will be facing off against two GOP primary challengers in his bid to continue representing Florida’s 1st Congressional District: retired military officer Greg Merk and former FedEx executive Mark Lombardo.

Gaetz, a staunch supporter of Trump, was involved in controversy over an alleged inappropriate interaction with a minor last year following an anonymously sourced New York Times report which he has vociferously denied and no charges were filed.

Gaetz touted his relationship with Trump and Florida Republican Gov. Ron DeSantis in a recent campaign ad.

“He’s always working and he does indeed fight for all of us,” Trump says about Gaetz in the campaign ad.


“President Trump endorsed Congressman Gaetz at his home on April 12th,” a Gaetz spokesperson said. “Congressman Gaetz proudly reposted President Trump’s gracious reminder of that endorsement on Twitter today. He was slightly delayed in doing so as he was waiving signs on the side of the road in Crestview, Florida.”

In the meantime the former president is preparing to hit back against the Department of Justice and FBI.

“A major motion pertaining to the Fourth Amendment will soon be filed concerning the illegal Break-In of my home, Mar-a-Lago, right before the ever important Mid-Term Elections. My rights, together with the rights of all Americans, have been violated at a level rarely seen before in our Country. Remember, they even spied on my campaign. The greatest Witch Hunt in USA history has been going on for six years, with no consequences to the scammers. It should not be allowed to continue!” he said on his Truth Social account, Fox News reported.

Former federal prosecutor James Trusty said that Trump’s attorneys are going to “weigh in very strong and very hard,” and going to be “attacking” the search warrant used by the FBI in the Mar-a-Lago raid.

“It should be something that gets publicly filed. So the whole United States will get to read this thing,” he said. And he said they could do it on Monday but “it’s probably going to be more like hours.”

“It’s coming very soon,” he said.

The news came as the former president hinted that he

may be preparing to go “nuclear MAGA” against the Department of Justice and the FBI.

Some people close to the former president are pushing him to release the video footage of the FBI searching his Mar-a-Lago residence, CNN reported.

But some of the aides are not even certain if he has seen the video in its entirety yet.

“I don’t think it’s been shared by anyone outside of the attorneys,” a source close to the situation said.

Some of Trump’s aides and allies have encouraged the former President to make some of the footage available to the public, believing it could send a jolt of energy through the Republican Party’s base. One person familiar with the conversations said there have been discussions about featuring the August footage in campaign-style ads, believing the footage could bolster Trump’s claims of political persecution.

Another person close to Trump said it’s not a matter of if the former President and his team release any of the others in Trump’s orbit have warned of the potential risks to the former President if he does release the tapes. A second person close to Trump cautioned that releasing the footage could backfire by providing people with a visual understanding of the sheer volume of materials that federal agents seized from his oceanfront residence, including classified materials.

“It’s one thing to read a bunch of numbers on an inventory list, it’s another to see law enforcement agents actually carrying dozen-plus boxes out of President Trump’s home knowing they probably contain sensitive documents. I don’t see how that helps him,” the source said.

Ty Cobb, a former White House attorney for former President Trump, commented on the record.

“If someone can persuade him this is somehow good for him and bad for his enemies, he’ll do it,” he said. “He doesn’t have the lawyers to help him sort through these things strategically and is really thinking through them on his own.”

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