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Flagship U.S. Organic Food Distributor Suffers ‘Mysterious’ Fire

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Coincidence, or foul play at work?

We recently reported on the rash of sudden fires which broke out at several of the nation’s food distribution firms; the fires came just shortly after Biden’s announcement of mass food shortages.

One of those tragically affected was Azure Standard—a top organic food distributor in the U.S…

Azure is reportedly a main source for prepping supplies in the U.S, and a favorite of the prepping community.

Azure tells sources that while the fire has completely destroyed HQ, most product lines will not be affected by this sudden fire…

Here’s what we currently know:

According to Columbia Georgia News, Azure’s C.E.O. tells consumers:

“For our customers, three primary product groups are affected due to the destroyed automated liquid pour facility, fruit packing facilities and carob products facilities.”

He continued, “Because of this, we will experience out-of-stock status for Azure Market oils, honey and vinegars – basically any Azure Market liquid product


The Fresno Bee continues:

The fire started around 3 a.m. in the creamery of Raw Farm southeast of Kerman, and all packaging, inventory and products were burned, according to the Instagram post from Organic Pastures, the owners of the farm.

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