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FL Legislature Sends Redistricting Map to DeSantis for Signature

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The Florida legislature on Thursday passed the DeSantis-proposed redistricting map to the governor to sign without changes.

The map will create 20 red-leaning and eight blue-leaning congressional districts. The district lines will serve the state for the next ten years, shaping national politics. The map single-handedly wiped out the Democrats’ national gerrymandering advantage by proposing a map that eliminates constitutional infirmities.

In a letter to the lawmakers, Governor Ron DeSantis’s general counsel, Ryan Newman, said the proposed map “is the product of collaboration and consultation with the House and Senate leadership and draws from the maps that were recently passed by the Legislature.”

Before the map was passed by the House, radical Democrats took to the floor, throwing a “temper tantrum” in protest of the map’s likely passage. The radical and rowdy lawmakers stood in the middle of the House floor and sang, “We shall overcome.” They also chanted slogans like “we will occupy this floor” to prevent the maps from passing the House.

State Rep. Anthony Sabatini (R) told Breitbart News the map was passed notwithstanding the “screaming” lawmakers. “Despite the insane screaming Democrats, I was proud to vote for and help pass these great maps. Governor DeSantis will be signing them today or tomorrow,” he said. “This is a huge win for the MAGA movement.”

The maps would not have passed both chambers if DeSantis had failed to call an April special session for a second consideration. Establishment House Speaker Chris Sprowls (R) and Senate President Wilton Simpson (R) bucked DeSantis’s original map. They also submitted an inferior map that benefited Democrats, but DeSantis vetoed it. After DeSantis proposed his second map and called the special session, the lawmakers “gave up” and said they would not oppose its passage.

The map will now be sent to DeSantis for his signature. Upon becoming law, the map is sure to face a Democrat court challenge.


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