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Firebomb Crashes Through Window of Pro-Life Headquarters, Threatening Message Left on Building

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The headquarters of a Wisconsin pro-life group was vandalized early Sunday in an attack that appears to be linked to the possibility that the Supreme Court could overturn the Roe v. Wade decision that legalized abortion.

The office of Wisconsin Family Action in Madison was attacked, according to Fox News.

“Somebody vandalized and allegedly threw Molotov cocktails into Wisconsin Family Action’s — an anti-abortion rights group — Madison office, writing w/ graffiti, ‘If abortions aren’t safe, then you aren’t either,’” Alexander Shur of the Wisconsin State Journal tweeted.


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Wisconsin Family Action President Julaine Appling said that when police called her Sunday, “I knew immediately what had happened,” according to the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel.

“You know, you can disagree with me. And I don’t mind being disagreed with. But to threaten the safety of my team because we have a different opinion on an issue — an important issue, I’ll grant you that — that doesn’t give you credence to threaten my life, and then turn around and damage property,” Appling said.

“If somebody had been in that office, I don’t think anybody would have been killed, but you would have been hurt just from the flying glass,” she said.

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Appling said she had not anticipated the attack on the offices.

“I don’t live in fear. And I’m not constantly looking over my shoulder. I’ve had death threats at my house and over other issues. This one, this one surprised me,” Appling said.

The Madison Police Department said flames were seen coming out of the building at about 6 a.m.

Police said a Molotov cocktail thrown into the office did not ignite, but a separate fire was started.


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No injuries were reported.

“The Madison Police Department understands members of our community are feeling deep emotions due to the recent news involving the United States Supreme Court,” Madison Police Chief Shon Barnes, Fox reported. “Early Sunday morning, our team began investigating a suspicious fire inside an office building on the city’s north side. It appears a specific non-profit that supports anti-abortion measures was targeted.”

“Our department has and continues to support people being able to speak freely and openly about their beliefs. But we feel that any acts of violence, including the destruction of property, do not aid in any cause,” the chief said.

“We have made our federal partners aware of this incident and are working with them and the Madison Fire Department as we investigate this arson.”

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