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FBI Cyber Chief Says He Can’t Find Hunter Biden’s Laptop

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FBI Assistant Director, Cyber Division, Bryan Vorndran on Tuesday said he doesn’t know where Hunter Biden’s laptop is because it’s not in his purview.

After Hunter’s “Laptop From Hell” was abandoned in a Delaware computer repair shop, the owner contacted lawmakers about the computer.

As The Gateway Pundit noted, the FBI was in possession of the laptop by December 2019.

The FBI withheld the laptop from President Trump’s legal team during the first impeachment.

Emails on Hunter Biden’s laptop revealed he was involved in an international money laundering operation and acted as a bagman for Joe Biden.

Hunter Biden took money from China, Russia, Ukraine and other countries.

GOP congressman Matt Goetz on Tuesday grilled FBI cyber chief Bryan Vorndran on the whereabouts of Hunter’s “Laptop From Hell.”

“Sir, I don’t know that answer,” he said.

Watch the exchange below:

Here’s a Rumble backup:

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