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Father Killed on Freeway Trying to Find ‘Favorite Toy’ After Kid Threw It Out Car Window

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It’s a scenario many parents have personally experienced or considered: Your kid tosses a toy out the window while you’re driving.

For many people, that would be the end of the toy, especially if the area was dangerous. But what if the toy was one of the child’s favorites — would you go back to search for it later?

Joshua Thomas Taylor did, and he lost his life in the process.

Taylor, 32, and his family were driving along I-65 south in Nashville, Tennessee, when the Metropolitan Nashville Police Department said “his child threw a favorite toy out of the window,” according to Today.


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Later that evening, just before 9:00 p.m., Taylor went back to the stretch of interstate to search for the toy. He was stopped by the Tennessee Department of Transportation, but continued to search when they tried to intercept him.

“Tennessee Department of Transportation HELP truck drivers found Taylor and tried to talk with him,” a statement from the police department read.

“Taylor ran across the interstate and jumped over the jersey barrier to the northbound side. Tennessee Department of Transportation HELP truck drivers immediately began traveling to the opposite side of the interstate when they heard the collision.

“Taylor was struck by a GMC Yukon and was pronounced dead at the scene.

“The driver of the Yukon stayed at the scene and did not display any indications of impairment. Speed does not appear to be a factor.”

The police department took this opportunity to remind individuals that walking along an interstate is illegal and dangerous for this particular, tragic reason.

The father leaves behind his pregnant wife Esther, daughter Brenna, 13, and son Noble, 2. The couple is expecting a baby boy later this year.


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“My love. My Joshua,” Esther shared on Facebook. “My heart is broken my head is spinning. This can’t be reality. How? Why? I’m waiting to wake up.

“I am so grateful God chose me for you to love. The past 4 years of having you in my life have grown me in so many ways. Thank you Lord for the time I had [with] this man. I wish it was longer. I wish we got to grow old together.

“If you knew my husband in the last few years you knew of his passion for God. You knew how he had been radically transformed. My love, I will pick up that torch of passion. It will not go out. People will still hear the gospel and come to know who Jesus really is through the lives you touched. Thank you for loving me and always serving your family. I love you.”

Friends and family remember the loving father as faith-filled and compassionate. A GoFundMe was set up to help his family as they process their loss and find a way forward.

“Joshua was a loving and dedicated husband, father, son, and friend who lived his life with passion and purpose,” the fundraiser page reads.

“Anyone who knew him could not help but be impacted by his fervent love for Jesus and wholehearted commitment to his mission. He will be deeply missed.”

A memorial service will be held on Saturday.

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