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Family Claims AirTag Tracked Them at Disney World

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A family claimed they were tracked by a device during their visit to an Orlando, Florida, theme park and the experience left them terror-stricken.

According to Jennifer Gaston, her family was riding the monorail back to their vehicle following a visit to Walt Disney World when they were notified the owner of an AirTag was tracking their movements, Fox 35 reported Saturday.

“We were terrified, we were confused, hurt, and scared,” recalled Gaston. “She literally watched it follow us from the tram all the way back to our vehicle.”

On what appeared to be Gaston’s Facebook profile, her “About” page said the family was from Columbia, Tennessee.

🚨 It is with a very shattered and heavy Momma heart mixed with emotions all over the place that I share this with you! I…

Posted by Jennifer Hirschfeld Gaston on Thursday, April 28, 2022

Her daughter explained it showed the device had been tracking them inside the park and when they arrived at their vehicle, they searched but were unable to locate it.

They left the parking lot and called law enforcement while Madison kept an eye on the device’s location by watching her phone.

“As she was refreshing it, it showed the AirTag was still in our parking spot so somehow when we were frantically shaking out clothes and dumping everything out of our bags it fell out,” explained Gaston.

AirTags are coin-sized Apple devices individuals could place on small items to find them with their phone.

Earlier this year, supermodel Brooks Nader claimed someone dropped an AirTag inside her coat pocket, using it to follow her one night in New York City, Breitbart News reported.

“I turns out it was an AirTag, which is a tiny, little, white circular thing that Apple makes, and it’s used for horrible, horrible things,” Nader stated. “After I researched it, people have been using it in people’s cars to stalk them, human trafficking, all kinds of stuff.”

After numerous reports about the AirTag device being used by stalkers and thieves, tracking company Tile debuted an anti-stalking feature, Breitbart News reported in March.

“This story could have ended way differently,” explained Gaston after the recent incident. “I’m praising God we have the outcome we have, but it’s because she was diligent and aware of what to do.”

Although the Orange County Sheriff’s Office took a report, without the device authorities did not deem what happened a criminal offense.


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