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EXCLUSIVE VIDEO: Man Who Caught Brooklyn Subway Shooter Speaks Out

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The man who caught the Brooklyn Subway shooter speaks out.

Zack Tahhan spoke out this afternoon.  The Huffington Post reported:

Tahhan, a 21-year-old security camera installer in Manhattan who is originally from Syria, was credited with the capture of Frank R. James, a 62-year-old suspected of unleashing two smoke canisters in a subway car before opening fire with a gun and striking 10 people during Tuesday’s morning commute.

James, who was allegedly wearing a gas mask and a construction vest, fled the scene after the attack near Sunset Park and remained missing throughout Wednesday. That is, until an eagle-eyed observation by Tahhan…

…Tahhan said in video captured by witness Samantha Zirkin recounting his actions. “I was working inside the store, security cameras inside, and I see the guy from the cameras and I say, ‘Oh shit, this guy! Let me call the police.’ So I call them and we catch him!”

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Here is some on the scene never before seen video of Tahhan explaining his situation and what he did:

Tahhan, who caught the Brooklyn Subway shooter shared that he lived in New Jersey.  This ‘interview’ with the media was filmed on the streets of New York.  The man’s last name is Tahhan.  He said he was 21 years old.

The media surrounded the man and cheered.  The man said, “We have to.  If I don’t want to do that, who’s gonna do it?”


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